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Hotel hell facts

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How Gordan got started

Born in Scotland in 1966, the legend Gordon Ramsay left behind an early athletic career to become a renowned chef in London. By the early 2000s he was making his mark on British TV as the temperamental host of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen, shows that made a successful transition to American audiences.

Upon his return to London in 1993, Ramsay was offered the position of head chef at the Three Michelin starred La Tante Claire in Chelsea. Shortly thereafter, Marco Pierre White set him up with a head chef position.

Tv history

In 2004, Ramsay appeared in two British television series. Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares aired on Channel 4, and saw the chef troubleshooting failing restaurants over a one-week period. This series ran its fifth series in 2007.

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