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I have a puppy his name is Rocky and he is the best dog anybody can have. I want to tell you more about him and his kind!!!

Most people like me bought their dog from a breeder, I remember how excited I was when I was picking up my puppy to take it to it's new home.

But having a puppy is also a big responsibility you have to remeber many rules. For example feeding, grooming, excersise and just giving your new puppy lots of attention.
This website is all about knowing what to do when getting a new morkie puppy. Just so everyone knows this is for morkie puppies or yorkie puppies and maltese puppies. Mainly any small breed of dog.

First night your puppy may cry a little and that is totally normal it means that the puppy misses its mama. You should comfort it right away to show that you care. Every night you will start to wait a little longer ti'll you go see your puppy and eventually you will stop going to see your puppy, and it will start to stop crying. I recommend to put your puppy in an empty room but close enough that you can hear it. I put my puppy in the laundry room. He may not have liked it at first but he got used to it, now every time he has a nap he wants to sleep in the laundry room. For the first few months the puppy will be taking daily naps and will be very tired afterwards but then will be extremely hyper. Right when the puppy goes into hyper mode you should play with the dog for at least 30 minutes then it will go back to sleep.
Most onwers like me get the food that the breeder recommends. The reason why they recommend this is because ever since the puppy was able to eat real food they have been fed the type of food that they recommmend. From experience I am telling you that eventually your dog will get tired of the dry food and eventually they will want to eat wet food. I waited ti'll my dog was four and a half months ti'll I mixed their dry food with wet food. Never use a full can of wet dog food only use a quarter of a can. Also with water I recommend that you always change the water everyday to keep it fresh and always make sure that it isnt empty.

Potty breaks are very important when first getting the dog they need to go out after every nap and every 45 minutes. You must watch your dog all the time or else they'll go anywhere and you would'nt even know it. You should'nt pressure the dog into going on a walk with you at first they wont leave the yard. And that's okay you have to let your dog get comfortable. Once they have lived with you for about a month and a half then they will be more comfortable to leave the yard.

All dogs love to jump, run and especially play. They sleep a good fourteen to sixteen hours a day but in that spare time they love nothing more than to play. At first their teeth will not be full grown so you should not get them bones or anthing hard. For me I got my dog some squeaky that kinda look like they are meant for baies but he loved them.

Now that were done with all the respoinsible stuff lets move on to what I like to call beautifying. Otherwise known as grooming now you wont need all of that supplies but you will need most of it like brushes, nail clippers, scissors and a wire brush. There are important things to know like how everyday a dog should be brushed and this is very important with nail clippers dont cut off the entire nail only the tips because most of the nail is actually the dogs skin.

Finally bathing. The materials you will need is towels or a towel made just for dogs, oatmeal shampoo, oatmeal conditioner and I know it's weird but tiny dog treats. Your probably wondering why small treats let me explain your dog will most definitley try to jump out of the bath so to distract you give them small dog treats to keep them occupied. You should never put the water directly on their face because it may hurt there eyes and they will most likely attack. Always keep the soap on their back, stomach, arms and legs. I hope you enjoyed my website and all the information that I have told you and I really hope that it is useful.