This is a page on Nfl Predictons

-Rams vs 49ers... Rams 27 49ers 10. Lar: Goff= 347yds : SF: Hyde=144yds : The 49ers have no flow on offense or defence.

-Ravens vs Jags... Ravens 31 Jags3. Bal: Def= 5 ints : Jac: Bortles= 79yds : The Ravens are too hot right now to be stopped.

-Broncos vs Bills... Broncos 20 Bills 13. Den: Anderson= 203yds(from scrimmage) : Buf: Def= 5 sacks and 2 ints : Trevor Simean will lead the game winning drive topped off by a CJ Anderdson TD in the final seconds.

-Steelers vs Bears... Steelers 21 Bears 0. Pit: Brown= 207yds : Chi: Glennon= 4 ints and 2 fumbles : The bears won't be good until Mitch Trubisky comes out to play.

-Saints vs Panthers... Saints 34 Panthers 40. NO: Brees= 477yds and 3tds : Car: Newton= 507yds combined(398 yds passing and 109 yds rushing) : Cam Newton and Company will look to reform to the 15-1 season and will prove that by this win.

-Bucs vs Vikings... Bucs 26 Vikes 28. TB: Winston= 2 tds and 2 ints : Min: Diggs= 34yd GW TD : The vikings new and improved offense will prove itself this sunday.

-Browns vs Colts... Browns 24 Colts 13. Cle: Johnson JR= 144yds : Ind: 0 Offensive TD'S : Without Andrew Luck, the Colts are the WORST team in the league.

-Dolphins vs Jets... Dolphins 45 Jets 14. Mia: Cutler= 358yds and 4 tds : NYJ: Kearse= 2 tds : The Jets are also pretty bad.

-Texans vs Pats... Texans 17 Pats 31. Hou: Watt= 3 sacks and 1 int : NE: Gronk= 134 yds and 1 td : The Texans will look for revenge from January but The Pats are too good at home.

-Falcons vs Lions... Falcons 31 Lions 35(upset of the week). Atl: Jones= 2 tds : Det: Stafford= 20yd GW TD With 2 seconds left : In my opinion this will be the game of the week.

-Giants vs Eagles... Giants 10 Eagles 21. NYG: Odell= 34 yds and 1 fumble : Phi: Jeffery= 2 tds : This Giants offense is sturggling(especially protecting the QB) And Philly is NOT The place to go fix those probelems

-Seahawks vs Titans... Seahawks 28 Titans 20. Sea: Wilson= 309 yds and 3 tds : Ten: Mariota= 202 yds and 2 ints : The Seahawks will have a bounce back game this week to let the NFL World know that the Seahawks are back.

-Chiefs vs Chargers... Chiefs 30 Chargers 21. KC: Hunt= 250 yds(from scrimmage) and 3 tds : Lac: Gordon= 3 tds : The Chiefs are Way too good to be stopped right now.

-Bengals vs Packers... Bengals 12 Packers 17. Cin: Dalton= 104 yds and 5 turnovers : GB: Nelson= 78 yds and 40 yd GW TD With 12 seconds left : The Packers have not looked like themselves this season but Aaron Rodgers Will find a way to win in a defensive slugfest.

-Raiders vs Redskins... Raiders 26 Redskins 20. Oak: Mack= GW Sack : Was: Norman= 2 ints. : This will be a great mathcup to watch on Sunday Night and the redskins will keep it close, but the raiders high powered offense will be too powerful to lose to a mediocre defense.

-Cowboys vs Cardinals... Cowboys 42 Cardinals 6. Dal: Elliot= 145 yds and 3 tds : AZ: Palmer= 55 yds and 6 ints(Pulled out of the game in 3rd qtr). : The Cardinals are not the same without David Johnson and they proved that last Sunday.

#1 Seed: NE(13-3)
#2 Seed: Oak(12-4)
#3 Seed: Pit(12-4)
#4 Seed: Ten(11-5)
#5 Seed: KC(11-5)
#6 Seed: Bal(10-6)

#1 Seed: Sea(14-2)
#2 Seed: Atl(13-3)
#3 Seed: GB(12-4)
#4 Seed: Dal(11-5)
#5 Seed: Car(10-6)
#6 Seed: Min(9-7)


-#6 Bal vs #3 Pit= 31-24(Pit).. Bal: Flacco= 245 yds, 2 tds and 1 int : Pit: Brown and Bell= 302 yds from scrimmage(combined)

-#5 KC vs #4 Ten= 24-20(KC).. KC: Smith= GW TD Run : Ten: Mariota= 107 yds rushing

-#6 Min vs #3 GB= 21-17(GB).. Min: Cook= 86 yds : GB: Rodgers= 229 yds and 3 int

-#5 Car vs #4 Dal= 30-27(Dal).. Car: Newton= 312 yds and 3 tds : Dal: Bailey= GW 54 YD FG


-#5 KC vs #1 NE= 31-23(NE).. KC: Hill= 98 YD punt return TD and 106 YD Kickoff TD : NE: Brady= 200 yds, 1 td and 3 int

-#3 Pit vs #2 Oak= 24-17(Oak).. Pit: Big Ben= 276 yds : Oak: Carr= 396 yds

-#4 Dal vs #1 Sea= 31-17(Sea).. Dal: Prescott= 160 yds and 4 ints : Sea: Wilson= 278 yds and 3 tds

-#3 GB vs #2 Atl= 35-27(Atl).. GB: Bennett= 106 yds and 2 tds : Atl: Jones= 245 yds and 4 tds


-#2 Oak vs #1 NE= 27-23(NE).. Oak: Cooper= 56 yds and 1 td : NE: Gronk= 91 yds, 2 tds and 1 fumble

-#2 Atl vs #1 Sea= 31-21(Sea).. Atl: Ryan= 142 yds and 3 ints : Sea: Graham= 112 yds and 3 tds


NE vs Sea= 34-30(Sea).. NE: Brady= 359 yds, 2 tds and 1 int : Sea: Wilson= 313 yds and 4 tds.. Super bowl MVP= Russell Wilson..


MVP= Russell Wilson

Offensive player of the year= Antonio Brown

Defensive player of the year= Von Miller

offensive rookie of the year= Deshaun Watson

Defensive rookie of the year= TJ Watt

Comeback player of the year= Earl Thomas

Coach of the year= Pete Carroll