The French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog. In 2014,they were the fourth most popular registered dog in the United Kingdom.They were also rated the third most popular dog in Australia. (For 2017) French Bulldogs are restful and have minimal exercise needs, so they are a good choice for a couch potato. If you value cleanliness, then French Bulldogs might not be the dog for you, since they are prone to drooling.

French Bulldogs are very good with kids. Since they are a companion dog, they thrive when they have human contact. They are not a breed that can be left alone for long periods or left outside to live. French Bulldogs have a very gentle temperament,and their big hearts make them lovable and gentle dogs, perfect for famalies with younger or older children.

Since french Bulldogs are such a loving and loyal breed, they often become protective gurdians to their familys. They usally develop this behavior when they are surrounded with kids. Frenchies view kids as great playmates and feel the need to protect them.