Hello and welcome to Elliotts photoshop site. let me give you a tour of out attractions.

first lets see what we get when we mix Kim Jong Un and Dwayne Johnson.



um, wow that is... revolting.
lets move on... now we have a senario of memes as my "morph" some memes include lord tachanka (man with helmet in corner) Pepe, a skateboarding pizza with pixelated glasses, and a Gawking patrick.
first the normal image.

next the morph;

well meme'd good sir (that is me) next we have our final two images this is another morph and is a typical scene in the park: it features a dog playing with a red ball and 2 squirrels fighting over a nut.

thats all for today hope you enjoyed your time on this crappy site, have an awesome day y'all