Starbucks Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino


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Dark Chocolate

Creamy dark chocolate is made with mostly coco butter and coco mass.
There are two types of dark chocolate, semi sweet and bittersweet.
Bittersweet contains more coco mass which makes it taste stronger.
Other ingreidents included in dark chocolate are sugar, vanialla beans
and milk.
Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate because it contains less sugar.
Some famous dark chocolate bars are lindt, cadbury dark chocolate, turtles and godiva.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocoalte is made with mostly milk and cocoa liquor.
Milk chocolate tends to be softer as it contains more liquid products.
The main difference between milk and dark choclate is that milk chocolate
contains more dairy fats.
The average milk chocolate bar contains 43 grams of sugar! Belgium is known to have the best milk chocolate.

White chocolate

White chocolate doesn't qualify
as a real type of chocolate as it doesnt contain cocoa solids
(a.k.a. cocoa powder).
White chocolate is mostly made from
milk solids, sugar, milk fat and lecithin.
Lecithin is an ingridient that holds it together.
Although white chocolate is not technically chocolate it it is still a very popular treat.

One of the biggest chocolate companies in the world is cadburry.
Eating chocolate is one of the most ways to relax your mind according to reasearch.
A cocoa tree takes 3-5 years to grow.