Lightning Bolt The Flash (CW)

Who Is He?

The Flash is a superhero created by DC Comics in January 1940. The Flash relies on superspeed to save people and fght crime instead of raw strength. The Flash's actual name is Barry Allen and his other job is as a CSI at the CCPD. (Central City Police Department) The Flash never works alone becasue he has a team of geniuses working behind the scenes. Without his team he couldn't accomplish anywhere close to the feats he's done. Like any good superhero he also teams up with other heroes in the arrowverse such as supergirl arrow, and the DC Legends. With the rest of them they were able to save the world on multiple occasions.

What is the Arrowverse?

My website is based on The Flash from the TV series and not the comics, their TV series world is called The Arrowverse, reason being the arrow was the first to get his show before they added The Flash, Supergirl, and the DC Legends, the first flash episode was aired in October 2014.

What can The Flash really do?

The Flash actually has more than just speed to help him fight crime, in fact he actually has a vast variety of abilities such as...
Being able to run faster than the speed of light
Time Travel
Throw Lightning
vibrating so fast that the eye renderes it invisible
vibrating through objectso or walls
Super Human Stamina
Super Speed Regeneration
And Speed Force Aura

Flash Season 4 Trailer