By: M. Lehman

Toopy and Binoo is a well loved, 2005 Canadian childrens animated television show, broadcasted by Treehouse TV, Télé-Québec, and Radio Canada. I watched this show throughout my entire childhood and it is by far my favorite childrens show. The show Toopy and Binoo was based off of the picture book "Toupie et Binou".

Toupie et Binou was the original name of the children books collection which was created by Dominique Jolin. The books alo appeared in an English translation as "Washington and Deecee". Binoo (the gray mouse) also had a small series of his own. Echo media then brought Toopy (the white cat) together along with Binoo onto television in both the English and French. They dubbed their french names together to create the english title " Toopy and Binoo".