Kittens should have...
-Food and water bowls
-Course-textured 3 ft. high column/post for stretching/scratching
-Fun, safe toys to promote exercise
-Cat bed lined with a warm blanket or towel
-A grooming brush/nail clipper
-Cat carrier
-ID tag or implanted microchip

Best age to adopt
Separating kittens from their biological moms and siblings is best when they’re 10 to 12 weeks old. If the litter hasn’t had much human contact, however, it’s better to bring them home at six to seven weeks old.
As for personality, this may be one time when curiosity doesn’t kill the cat: look for an inquisitive kitten who’s playful, not shy. Above all, pick a cat-itude that complements all family members.

Kitty’s lair
Choose a secluded room, away from other furry family members, for Kitty to adjust to her new life. If sleeping is a problem, try the time-tested trick of wrapping a ticking clock in a blanket by her bed. Open her carrier and place it nearby along with her food, water bowls, litter box and toys.
Avoid toys with small, moveable parts that can detach easily and choke animals. Dangling string, yarn or ribbons may drive cats batty, but watch that they don’t tangle or choke Kitty. Small stuffed animals and trackballs make the best playthings because they’re safe and stimulate exercise.
You may have more fun watching Kitty play than she’ll even have playing, but you’ll also want to observe her behavior at rest. Sneak a peek at how she moves in and out of her carrier in her new room. If she dashes in fast, she may still need more time to acclimate. If she saunters, you’ll know she’s ready to explore the rest of the house.

Fun Facts
1.Kittens cant see and hear fully until they are 2-3 weeks old.
2.Kittens can be left handed/pawed or right handed/pawed
3.Cats and Kittens both have 100 different vocal sounds
4.Kittens weigh 3 to 4 onces at birth

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