Rainbow Pinwheel Pointer

Curious tiny noses, clumsy movements, and wiggly tails make 
puppies undeniably adorable. While many of us have had the
pleasure of spending time with puppies, there’s always more
to learn! Here are some fun facts about your little canines.


1.They are born blind, deaf, and toothless.
2.A puppy spends about fourteen hours of every day sleeping.
3.They develop their sense of smell at the age of three weeks.
4.During the first week of a puppy’s life, it spends 90% of its days sleeping and 10% eating. A lot of growth happens during these first few weeks!
5.When you are choosing a puppy from a litter, do not choose the most energetic one and do not choose the one who is the most quiet…Choose one that falls in the middle.
6.Dogs only listen to the 1st syllable of their name. So, if you name them “Jelly Belly”, they will respond to “Jel”.
7.When you have to leave a puppy home alone, it can help a lot if you put on the television or have a radio playing so that they can hear noises.
8.Our dogs are smarter than we give them credit for. Experts say our dogs are as intelligent as a 2 year old child.
9.Dogs have twice as many ear muscles as humans, and it’s estimated that they can hear sounds four times better than us. And that head tilting? It helps them hone in on distant sounds.
10.Research has found that dogs make direct inferences from our behaviors, and that learn not to trust unreliable people.
11.There are about 340 different kinds of breeds.