Lipizzan Horse

The Friesian is a horse breed developed in
the Netherlands during the Middle Ages.
Incredibly agile given their large size,
Friesians were historically used as war
horses, able to carry knights in full armor.
Later used as light draft horses throughout
Europe. Today, the Friesian has become popular
in a number of American and European equestrian
disciplines including saddle riding and dressage.

Did you know that the Lipizzan is one of Europe's
oldest breeds of horse? The picture of the cursor
on the screen is also a Lipizzan horse. This horse
is a long-lived horse with a 30-35 year life span.
This is considered very long because most horses
live up to 25-30 years.

Caspian horse's canter is very smooth, and they
are naturally light and agile with exceptional
jumping ability. The Caspian is said to be the
oldest of horse breeds in all of history. Its
history can be traced back as far as 5,000 years.

Did you know that the glands around the shoulders
and neck of the Ferghana are so strong that when
they sweat, they emit a reddish liquid that makes
the colour of their fur looks darker and gives the
isconcerting appearance of bleeding.

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