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Ever since Christian started building cars, most of his innovations has been in the Automotive field. The first innovation Christian came up with was the Dihedral Synchrohelix Door Actuation System, that drastically improves egress and ingress in a parallel parked wide car. Previous versions of similar door systems, required a two-step motion that most persons found counterintuitive to operate. What Christian managed to come up with was a solution that enabled the complex motion to be made in one smooth step, instead of two, thereby getting an intuitive and highly practical solution. In the latest Regera model, the door system is also fully automated with soft close function, making it truly spectacular.

The second innovation was the supercharger response system, that replaced the blow-off valve in a centrifugal supercharger installation. Instead of blowing out pressurized air at off throttle situations, Christian’s solution was to close the inlet, more or less with a throttle body before the supercharger. This was an improvement compared to previous technologies in the following ways: Less parasitic loss at part cruise. Better engine response at fast throttle movements. Less audible supercharger whine. Less risk for leaks. No blow off sounds/puffs. This system was standard on all CCR, CCX and CCXR´s.

Christians third innovation was the under pressure drysump tank, that enabled Koenigsegg to have the most efficient closed circuit evaporative system. This system was needed as Koenigsegg already with the CC8S had the highest cylinder pressure of any production car and therefore also the largest amount of piston blow by that needed to be controlled.