rivers are extremely diverse habitats filled with many types of different animals in this website we will be mainly focusing on rivers in british columbia and the salmonid species which inhabit them if you want to learn more i will put links on the end of the page.

That video further describes the salmon runs in the fraser river in british columbia, the fraser river brings in the larjest salmon run in british columbia numbering in millions of salmon each year. The river is not suprisingly also the biggest river in british columbia measuring 1,375km. It has big size but with that big size comes big problems. This year the fraser river recieved the lowest runs of salmon in over 120 years particularily pink and sockeye which was a big surprise to scientists with pink salmon being the most abundant of pacific salmon.

the fraser river and many other tributaries throughout bc have their keystone species as salmon but there are many other species that make rivers home such as: lampreys, white and green sturgeon, minnows, carp, pikeminnow, peamouth chub, catfish, flatfish, and last but not least the pacific salmon and trout.It is also home to amphibians in the upper region and headwaters.

most major rivers in bc are recieving declines in animals in and around them many rivers have already lost their iconic salmon runs and they are such an important food source for eagles, bears, trout, otters, seals, salmon sharks and even humans. That all of those species in those areas have gone extinct endangered or migrated to richer and greener lands around them if there are any left. Rivers in british columbia are like veins running through the land and just like veins they spread life and through them instead of blood runs eagles, bears, orcas, sharks, otters, seals and of course salmon those are the blood that runs through british columbia and they are all dying slowly without us being aware.

I hope this website made you more aware about the condition of rivers in British Columbia and made you want to make a change