Haikyuu is a japanese volleyball anime/manga created around 2012. It follows an orange haired first year called Hinata Shoyo who is a physically short middle blocker that mostly plays spiker along with a genius setter named Kageyama Tobio on the Karasuno High School volleyball team.At the beginning, the two protagonists didn't get along at all, due to past experiences with eachother on court, but as time passes, the two begin to develop a strong bond and aim to win the Nationals.

Main Karasuno High School Characters

Hinata Shoyo

Hinata is the main protagonist of the story along with Kageyama. He is agile, fast and all around very athletic which makes up for his lack of brainpower. He is a very straightfoward individual that doesnt cut any corners. He trains very hard in order to remain on the court, and dreams of becoming the ace of Karasuno High just like his idol, nicknamed "Small Giant." Hinata has an extremely small build compared to the average volleyball player standing at only 164.2 cm but he belives that if he practices hard enough he'll become an all star. Hinata's personality is very cheerful and bright while his name also has "Hi" in it meaning sun in japanese, causing the majority of female watchers to call him "Sunshine." Hinata has bright orange hair and warm amber/brown eyes, giving him a young and carefree look.

Kageyama Tobio

Kageyama is the second protagonist of Haikyuu! He was originally from the middle school Kitagawa Daiichi which is a school that's famous for it's boy's volleyball team. He is not just an average player, he is a prodigy who excels at setting However, his personality is cold, uncaring and egotistical resulting in the nickname "King of Court" by his original middle school teammates. When he first met Hinata, they were on opposing sides of the court, facing off against eachother which resulted in a crushing defeat for Hinata's school. After the game Hinata swore he would defeat Kageyama, yet unknowingly went to the same school as him. At the beginning, it was safe to say they didn't get along at all, but after a couple up and downs they're both on the same team, and creating a newfound friendship. Kageyama is 181.9cm tall with an intimidating appearance of raven black hair and steel grey eyes.

Nishinoya Yuu

Nishinoya is a libero on the Karasuno volleyball team. Liberos speciallize in defense, specifically recieving, and is the only member on a volleyball team that is allowed to frequently switch in or out of the game. Liberos always have different coloured uniforms from the rest of the team to distinguish them from others. He came from a powerhouse middle school called Chidoriyama, yet decided to go to Karasuno for the sole reason of liking it's uniforms.He is the only character in any volleyball teams that has a shorter height than Hinata, standing at 159cm at the start of the series.He has a goofy and let loose personality and is often very loud. However, when he actually plays, we grows surprisingly quiet. He has spiky black hair along with a tuff of golden hair at the front, with amber/ brown eyes, giving others the impression that he is a very bright person.

Tsukishima Kei

Tsukishima is the tallest member in Karasuno's volleyball team being at 188cm at the start of the anime. He is a very rude and condescending character at first, only caring about himself. He thoght of volleyball only as a club activity and didnt find any need to practice or stress about it due to his past, but as the series progressed, he grew more and more aware of his teammates and in the third season, found his passion for volleyball. He has pale blond hair and golden eyes along with a pair of black rimmed glasses. His overall aura displays mostly boredom and his expression is mostly a smirk or glare, making him seem like a very sadistic person.On the contrary to Hinata, Tsukishima is extremely intellectual and excellent at reading moves.

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