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Five Things You Should Know About BTS

BTS (short for Bangtansonyeondan) is an all male K-pop group. They debuted on June 13, 2013 with their song "No More Dream" from their album "2 Cool 4 Skool" which won several awards for "New Artist of the Year," including those at the 2013 MelOn Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards, and the 2014 Seoul Music Awards. A year after their debut, they recieved major bonsang awards (for outstanding music achievements, it is a very big deal with it being similar to the achievement of winning an Oscar, Grammy or A BBMA's music award) for their albums "Dark & Wild" and "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1." Over the years, they have won several bonsang awards, along with daesang awards (similar to bosang awards, however much more valuable as they are the "grand prize"). Just recently on May 21st, 2017, BTS had won an award at the BBMAs for top social artist, being the first Kpop group to be nominated and win an award there.

BTS Jin - 'Awake' Lyric Video

Kim Seokjin

Kim Seokjin is the oldest of the group, at the age of 25. He is apart of the vocal line and is the main visual. His stage name is Jin, which is taken from his first name (Seokjin). His nicknames consist of Pig Jin and Eat Jin, as he loves all types of food, in which he gets teased for. He even has his own show that he uploads occasionally on Youtube on ibighit which is their company's (Big Hit Entertainment) channel which is named after one of his nicknames, Eatjin. Since Seokjin is the oldest, the other members have to respect him, as age always matters in levels of respect in Korea. Although this may be true, the others never fail to bother him as a form of entertainment. This includes the youngest of the band, at the age of 19. Despite this age gap, Seokjin bonds with the youngest very well, in which causes others to wonder if he's really the eldest since he goofs off like a child with the maknae line (maknae means the youngest in Korean, in which the maknae line would then be the ones that are the youngest. These ages consist of 19 and 21 in BTS). Seokjin had originally wanted to be an actor rather than debut in a Kpop group. However, he was scouted and was put in to be a trainee, with the thought of making his family proud stuck in his mind. During these years, Seokjin wasn't the best at dancing and singing compared to others, so when they had debuted, he was used solely for his looks. After time, he had continued practicing and improving his skills, especially the key factor of dance. Many people appreciate him now for working so hard since he was looked down upon quite a lot, which makes him very happy, and urges him to continue honing his skills. He is known for being the 'Car Door Guy' as he had looked appealing to the world when exiting a car at the MelOn Music Awards. A new name popped up at the BBMAs, as Jin was then recognized as 'the third one from the left.' Here, BTS had gotten their picture taken on the magenta carpet, and others that had first heard of BTS started to say that the members are quite attractive, especially 'the third guy from the left.'

Suga (Agust D) The Last Lyrics

Min Yoongi

Min Yoongi is a part of the rap line, originally wanting to be a producer at the company rather than becoming an idol. The company saw his talent, and sought him out. He then decided to become a trainee, and eventually debut in BTS with Suga being his stage name. His stage name was found to be Suga, due to his basketball days in the past. A position he played was similar to the word 'Suga' in which he was very good at. Therefore, he came to the conclusion of his stage name. Yoongi plays a part in producing songs with the leader of the group, and had released his mixtape in August 2016, under the name of 'Agust D' which is wordplay of his stage name, and home town. Backwards, the name would be Dt Suga, with Dt representing his home town (Daegu town) and the rest, obviously representing his stage name, Suga. Yoongi had gone through many harsh times during his years before becoming a trainee, during his trainee years, and after BTS had debuted. He barely smiled due to his struggles with depression and anxiety, having many struggles. In his mixtape, he talked about this in his song "The Last," including a panic attack in which he experienced during a concert, where he had hid in the bathroom and had the urge to harm himself etc. Because of this, the concert was cancelled, which he feels bad for and continues to beat himself up to this day. However, he is coping much better nowadays and smiles more frequently, especially after releasing his mixtape and hearing that many are enjoying it.

BTS 'WINGS' Comeback Trailer: Boy Meets Evil

Jung Hoseok

Jung Hoseok is also a part of the rap line, being the only rapper in the group that has not released their mixtape yet. Hoseok is in the dance line as well, having the role as the main dancer and occasionally helps with the choreography. He picks up moves very easily and supports the other members when they struggle or forget some of the choreo. Hoseok's stage name is J-hope, with his saying connecting to it ('I'm your hope, I'm your angel: J-hope!') He's known as the sunshine of BTS, as he's incredibly happy for the majority of the time so whenever he gets aggravated over something, it shocks the others since it's very rare of him to do so. They claimed him to be one of the scariest members when mad, which is most likely because of the fact that they wouldn't know how to handle his anger, or how to act around him since this happens very scarcely. Despite this, Hoseok will always be known for his cheerful persona and his skillful dancing.

Kim Namjoon

Kim Namjoon is the leader of BTS, while also being the main rapper of the group. Being the leader, he has to take care of multiple problems within the group, which would lead to quite a bit of stress, yet he handles it like a professional. Namjoon is also the only one that can speak english fluently, being self taught after rewatching episodes of the tv show 'Friends.' He has an IQ of 148, which would range in the top 1% in Korea, so he is somewhat known as a 'genius,' in which he claims that he is not. Namjoon's stage name is Rap Monster, which is suitable for one of his roles in the group (lead rapper) and was called this during his trainee years. It stuck to him so when he was asked what he would like to be addressed as for his stage name, he responded with this. Namjoon has alot to do with producing music in the group, being inspired of "Spring Day" just from listening to the wind which caused a commotion amongst the fans in which they obsessed over.

Park Jimin

Jimin is a part of the vocal line and dance line, while sticking with his legal name rather than a stage name. He is very skilled in the art of dance, in which many fans debate over the three members of the dance line on who the better dancer is. Jimin had covered contemporary dance for a short amount of time which makes him somewhat more experienced, as he had gone over parts of dance in which the other members hadn't. Both him and Hoseok were both underground dancers, making them both incredibly experienced. This is all really based on opinion, as many fans whom are also experienced in dance had different outlooks on the dance line. They are all equally talented, whether if it has to do with dance or not, however, Big Hit had decided for Hoseok to be the main dancer. Despite this, Jimin continues to work and practice, getting better each day. He is proud for getting to where he is now, so this does not faze him. Jimin is one of the 'fan favourites,' as he is has a cute persona which appeals to many fans. The fact that he his highly skilled in singing and dancing adds on to this as well. However, this does not mean that Jimin is cute at all times. He surprised fans all over the world when he had performed in a song that he was featured in called 'Tony Montana' with Yoongi.

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung is the same age as Jimin (21 years old), being in the vocal line yet having this dream of getting a part in one of the Cyphers that BTS produces. In these Cyphers, only the rap line proceeds to perform this, unless a few exceptions are made. Taehyung is obsessed with these, and has a longing to rap in one of them in the future. Taehyung's stage name in the group is V, and his smile is unlike your average person's. Whenever he smiles with his teeth, he shows off a boxy smile in which many find cute. V is also one of the fan favourites, due to this and his 'alien-like' personality. To explain this, Taehyung can be quite strange or awkward at points, which a lot of the fans find funny and, as mentioned before, adorable. In variety shows that he appears in, or in one of their BTS Bombs (their own produced short clips that are uploaded on their company's official youtube channel), there are times in which subtitles would pop up saying 'V has entered the 4D world' or something along those lines.

Jeon Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook is the youngest -at the age of 19- and final member of the group, while being a part of both the vocal sline and dance line. Despite this, Jungkook is also fairly good at rapping, so in some of their songs, he raps a few lines. He is the lead vocal and is the third member in which many people argue over which is better at dancing. Jungkook had trouble with dancing and showing emotion at first, so he was sent to a dance company in the U.S.A to improve on this. When he had come back, he had a passion for dance and now better depicts emotions during dance numbers. Jungkook has no stage name, but is very well known as the 'golden maknae' due to him being good at mostly everything, while also being the youngest of BTS. As mentioned before, he has an odd relationship with the oldest member, Seokjin. Despite the six year age gap between the two, they get along very nicely with each other, with the two switching roles at times due to Seokjin acting childish, and Jungkook acting as though he is much older and mature than him.