Did you know, The origin of the word pizza is uncertain. It is Italian for ‘pie’ and may have come from Latin pix ‘pitch’ or Greek pitta. It is common belief that pizza was an invention by the Italians. However, the history of pizza goes back to the ancient times in the Middle East. The Greeks, Egyptians, Armenians, Israelis, and Babylonians were making some derivative of pizza in the ancient times. They would cook flat bread in mud ovens. Workingmen and their families ate it because it was a thrifty and convenient food. The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians specifically, were topping the bread with olive oil and spices, now known as focaccia.

Fun facts:
-October is National Pizza Month. It was first so designated in 1987.
-Pizza is a $30 billion per year industry.
-According to a recent Gallup Poll, kids between the ages of 3 to 11 prefer pizza over all other food groups for lunch and dinner.
-Pizza has played a major role in television and in the movies, with appearances in such films as Splendor in the Grass, The French Connection, Mystic Pizza, Do the Right Thing, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Multiplicity, Lover Boy, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Caddy (featuring Dean Martin's song "That's Amore"), Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco, Spaceballs, Toy Story, Delivery Boys, Free Willy III and I Love You to Death
-Regular thin pizza crust is still the most popular crust, preferred by 61 percent of the population. Thick crust and deep dish tied for second, at 14%. Only 11 percent of the population prefers extra thin.
-In 1994, Domino's Pizza stores in Guatemala attempted a world record for the longest chain of pizza. The chain, reaching 500 meters, was donated to local charities.
-Over the past five years, pizza has outpaced the growth rate of all other food service items, averaging about 11 percent a year and making it the Number 2 item in foodservice
-The world's largest pizza was built on October 11, 1987 by Lorenzo Amato and Louis Piancone. The pizza covered 10,000 square feet and measured 140 feet across. It weighed in at 44,457 pounds, consisting of, among other items, 18,174 pounds of flour, 1,103 pounds of water, 6,445 pounds of sauce, 9,375 pounds of cheese and 2,387 pounds of pepperoni. The pie was cut into 94,248 slices and eaten by more than 30,000 spectators at the baking in Havana, Florida.