A Japanese Animation written by Sakurako Kimino, illustrated by Arumi Tokita

A group of high school girls singing and dancing, there are nine characters, Umi, Maki, ELi, Kotori, Nozomi, Honoka, Rin, Nico, and Hanayo

Story summary:
The story started by the school that the girls go is going to be closed forever and these nine girls started to think of a way to save their school, they came up with the idea of being popular, the first one to think of this idea is Honoka, which is the leeder of this group.

She came up with the idea of starting by encourging her closes friends to join, which is Umi Sonoda, who refuses to jon the club first, but she ended up doing real good in the club.

Then comes Kotori Minami, whose mother is the principal of the school.

Maki then joined because of her amazing piano playing and Honoka encourged her so hard.

Hanayo then joined when Maki asked her, they found out that Hanayo's mother was going to become a famous idol if her mother didn't meet her father. Hanayo is a girl who would scream for a tiny problem

Rin then joined because her best friend Hanayo encourged her so hard even if she said she cannot be in it because she looks like a boy and has a boy's attitude.

Once they have had six people in their club, they went to ask if they can acually create the club in their school to help save their school, but the school's principal of the students', Eli, she said that their was already a school idol club in the school, so they need to combine the two clubs. There comes Nico, who has the other club by herself because her friends quit. They talked to Nico and then Nico agreed to combine the two clubs into one.

Then they went to ask the principal of the student's councils again, but this time they were convincing Eli to join because they have learned about her past and how well her dance was. Finally, after convincing, Eli agreed to join.

At the time where Eli joined, Nozomi, which is Eli's friend, joined because she said this is a group of nine girls or else this school idol group won't work. So she joined.

So that makes uís!