is a mecha anime that ran from august 11 2014 till march 28 2015 with 2 seasons of 12 and 24 episodes in all

in 1972 humanity discovered an abandoned alien civilization on the moon along with a mysterious teleporter known as the hypergate which sends them to mars and humanity starts immigrating to mars, where more advanced technology emerges called ALDNOAH which causes a group of deserters to leave humanity and create the VERS empire on mars who take the activation powers of ALDNOAH for themselves and drive humanity back to earth where they declare war then in 1999 a battle on the moon took place which overheated the hypergate causing it to explode taking the moon with it, destroying parts of the earth in what they called heavens fall and creating a debris feild around the earth
cut off from mars the VERS imperial army created multiple enormous orbital space stations and a ceasefire was called.
now in 2014 earth is starting to heal since heavens fall the royal princess of VERS comes to earth to attemped to create peace however, there was a missle attack during the parade thrown for her arrival and the princess is killed. Furious the orbital knights that have been in orbit for 15 years once again wage war on earth with a newfound determination to wipe out humanity.


Ihnaho Kaizuka

one of the most unemotinal and bored looking characters of all time inaho is the main protaginist of the story other than princess Asseylum and the best mech (kataphrakt) pilot of all time also the younger brother of yuki kaizuka.

Slaine Troyard

slaine is the main antaganist and the other point of view other than inaho and is in love with princess asseylum believing if he wipes out humanity they can build a new perfect world toghether however, asseylum does not think the same.

Asseylum Vers allusia

Asseylum is the princess of the VERS empire and believes there can be peace between earth and the VERS empire however, during her arrival parade there was an attempt on her life however she was feeling ill and her body double perished instead. a few hours later the real asseylum was found using a disguise by inaho and where she flipped him on his back. When she determined he was not a threat asseylum let him go and together they made there way to the nearest UFE (United Forces of Earth) evacuation truck where they both joined the fight to battle back against VERS.

Inko Arifumi

Inko is Inaho's childhood friend who might have feelings for him evacuated japan with him and later joined his squad of kataphrakts mustang squad as mustang 11


inaho's classmate and friend came from an area affected severly from heavens fall and unlike his name hes loud and childish and he swears that he will avenge his friend okisuke (okajo) after he was killed by one of the orbital knights kjnown as trillham and becomes a kataphrakt engineer


inaho's older sister and fellow kataphrakt pilot and trainer warrent officer Yuki Kaizuka fights allongside the others in most of Inaho's insane plans

Koichiro Marito

A Lieutenant in the United Forces of Earth. He, along with Yuki, is currently a training instructor at the high school Inaho attends, but is also a veteran of the War of 1999, and witnessed firsthand the power of Aldnoah. Despite reporting what happened 15 years ago before Heaven's Fall, the governments of Earth refused to publicize any information, as it showed how outmatched Earth's forces truly were. One of his close friends was killed in that battle, and Marito now suffers from PTSD and drinks heavily to cope with his flashbacks to the battle.

Darzana Magbaredge AND KAORU MIZUSAKI

A Captain (later Colonel) in the United Forces of Earth. She helps Marito evacuate the civilians while Inaho and his friends distract Trillram. She blames Marito for the death of her older brother, who died in the battle of Tanegashima before Heaven's Fall.
Captain Magbaredge's executive officer in the United Forces of Earth. She takes command of the refugee escort mission when Darzana volunteers to help Marito. Darzana usually tries to give her some dating advice, even in the middle of a battle.


A young Martian girl who serves Princess Asseylum as her loyal maid. She has unintentionally revealed the princess' identity on numerous occasions. She is very conscious of etiquette and takes offense when people speak to the princess in a casual manner. She temporary serves Lemrina, Asseylum's half sister, and near the end of the episode, returns to Princess Asseylum's service.