2011 Stanley Cup Finals

Vancouver Canucks VS Boston Bruins

The 2011 Stanley Cup Final, commonly known as the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, was the championship series of the National Hockey League (NHL) 2010-2011 season, and the culmination of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. The Eastern Conference champion Boston Bruins defeated the Western conference champion Vancouver Canucks four games to three. The Bruins ended a 39-year Stanley Cup drought with the win. Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Most Valuable Player of the playoffs.

Some wars never end, but you wouldn’t necessarily have picked the 2011 Stanley Cup final to become one. It was like throwing Molotov cocktails at dry grass right from the jump, and the bonfire of hatred and heedless stupidity eventually consumed several cars and some shop fronts in downtown Vancouver. Seven long games and then a riot, filling the air with smoke and bitterness.
But what is truly incredible is that the 2011 Stanley Cup final is still going on, in proxy wars. On Saturday night, after the Canucks drilled the Boston Bruins 6-2 in an affair that featured Boston’s Brad Marchand kissing an invisible Stanley Cup ring, and hoisting an imaginary Cup, a few Bruins went out on the town. And according to Bruins forward Milan Lucic, he was attacked. Punched inside a bar, punched outside a bar, and he decided not to cave the guy’s face in. You can’t go home agai


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