Eighth Note

also known as doddleoddle

Dorothy Miranda "Dodie" Clark (born 11 April 1995) is an English YouTuber and singer-songwriter. Dodie posts both original songs and covers songs on her main channel "doddleoddle" and her side channel "doddlevloggle". As of February 2017, she has 143 videos and over 100 million views on her main YouTube channel. She has over 1,000,000 subscribers on her main channel and over 530,000 subscribers on her side channel where she has 292 videos and over 50 million views.

Don't know which Dodie songs to listen to? Here is a list of some favourites!

2013: Absolutely Smitten - Paint
2014: Adored By Him - She
2015: A Song About Acne - An Awkward Duet - One For The Road - The Flat's a Mess - Down - Sick Of Losing Soulmates
2016: Gold Star for Me - My Face - I Have A Hole In My Tooth (And My Dentists Are Shut) - Intertwined - Human - 6/10 - Taking Back My Heart - Would You Be So Kind? - BEANZ - When - Dear Happy - A Love Song/A Non-Love Song - Secret For The Mad - I Won't Be Done
2017: Lollipop (cover) - City Of Stars (cover) - I Knew You Once - Come Together (cover) - Someone In The Crowd (cover) - I Want Candy (cover) - 22 (cover) - You (cover) - New York, New York (cover) - Words Ain't Enough

Dodie's Youtube Channel

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