Lollipop Shiny

Cake pops are delicious small round pieces of cake coated with icing or chocolate and ontop of the end of a stick so that it resemble a lollipop

Cake Pops come in many shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors.Cake crumbs are mixed with icing or chocolate, and formed into small spheres or cubes in the same way as cake balls, before being given a coating of icing, chocolate or other decorations and attached to lollipop sticks. Cake pops can be a way of using up leftover cake or cake crumbs.The cake pop increased in popularity between 2009 and 2011. A book called "Cake Pop" by Bakerella appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. Cake pops can be found in many bakeries and grocery stores. In some countries, the Starbucks coffee chain sells cake pops in various flavors.


Cake pops use many of the ingredients used in baking a traditional cake and can be made from cakes of any flavor. Many recipes found online use a cake mix instead of creating a cake batter from scratch. Either way, cake pops and cakes have their similarities. Once the cake has been baked, or when leftovers from an existing cake have been collected, it is crumbled into pieces. These crumbs are mixed into a bowl of frosting or melted chocolate, and the resulting mixture is shaped into balls, cubes or other shapes. Each ball is attached to a lollipop stick. Once the mixture solidifies, it can be decorated with frosting or melted chocolate and sprinkles. The cake balls can be frozen to speed the solidification process. Most of the time making a cake pop is spent on shaping the cake into a desirable form and decorating it. Simple shapes such as spheres can be molded by hands, but complex shapes require tools. Silicone molding pan and cookie cutters are popular tools used in shaping cake pops.

Popularization of Cake Pops

Cake pops became so popular that bakers began making them from the start, no waiting for the right time to revive last week's birthday cake. This then led to the stroke of genius that made cake balls into the cake pops that we know and love: why not put a cake ball on a stick! Cake pops have been popping up all over, from online stores like Amazon, to bakeries, coffee shops, and home kitchens. And, thanks in large part to the generous creativity of the cake pop queen herself, Bakerella, who really put the spotlight on the artistic potential of cake pops, they have become today's go-to dessert, whether you want one for an afternoon treat, for your kid's birthday party, for your next corporate event, or even for your wedding. Their versatility makes them perfect for any occasion. Just make sure you have enough to go around!