Bubble buddy, a character in "Sponge Bob" (a children's TV show first aired in 1999),
first appeared in the episode "Bubble Buddy".In later seasons, he appeared in the episode
"Bubble Buddy Returns" along with his son "Shiny Bubble". Overall, he has collectively been
in three episodes, one short, two games, and one book due to the character's sudden popularity.

~ Multiple Bubble Buddies balloons appear as collectable items in the online game,
Dutchman's Dash.
~ At the end of the episode "Bubble Buddy," Bubble Buddy reveals that he can talk.
~ Bubble Buddy is one of three known members of the SquarePants family who are not
sponges, the other two being Shiny Bubble and Junior.
~ Since Patrick popped The Oldest Living Bubble in "Atlantis SquarePantis," this
would probably make Bubble Buddy the oldest living bubble.
~ In "Bubble Buddy Returns," it is revealed that after he moved from Bikini Bottom,
he started a family, and now has a wife and a son, Shiny.
~ He is one of the only characters to be gone as long as he was and return.
~ Bubble Buddy was "born" on Leif Erikson Day, which is observed in the US on October 9.
~ In "Bubble Buddy Returns," he does not have a shadow.