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Alright, so do you like the Japanese singing group Vocaloid?

Song: Hatsune Miku sings "levan Polkka"

Vocaloid (Bokaroido), is a singing synthesizer. Its signal processing part was developed through a joint research project led by Kenmochi Hideki at the Pompeu Fabra University in Spain in 2000 and originally was not intended to be a full commercial project. Backed by the Yamaha Corporation it developed the software into the commercial product "Vocaloid". The software enables users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody. It uses synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers.

Here's a few of the singers! (Their last names might come first because that's how it is in Japan. For example, you may see "Hatsune Miku", but Miku's name will still be Miku; not Hatsune. Sorry if there's any confusion!)

Miku Hastune:
Meaning of Name: "Sound of the Future"
Age: 16
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Fave Genre: Pop/Dance
Fave Tempo Range: 70-150BPM
Best Vocal Range: A3-E5
Character Item: Spring onion, sometimes mistaken as a leek because of the similarities and the popular meme Leekspin.

Miku Hatsune is the most popular in the series of two Vocaloids..or any Vocaloid for that matter! Miku's "career" skyrocketed her way up in Nico Nico Douga when she was featured in a video called the "Levan Pollka Leek spin" (which is why she likes leeks so much). She sings her best when she sings Pop.
There are many fan-made Miku types out there, the most famous being Haku, Teto, and Akita Neru.

Hatsune Miku is an upbeat, cute virtual singer voiced by Saki Fujita.

Nebula -Miku Hatsune- Eng Sub

Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len!
Rin Kagamine

Age: 14 years
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Fave Genre: Electro-pop, rock, pop
Fave Tempo Range: 85-175BPM
Best Vocal Range: F3-C5
Character Item: Roadroller and mikan (Japanese Orange)

Rin Kagamine and her twin brother, Len Kagamine, are both the second installements to the Vocaloid2 series. Rin's personality is usually agressive and hyper, which is probably why another item of hers is a roadroller that she and Len use...Rin mostly driving, of course. Even with her agressive behavior she still seems to charm everybody with her cuteness.

Rin Kagamine - Bye Bye My Blue Bird [English + Romaji Subs]

Len Kagamine:

Age: 14 years
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Fave Genre: Pop, dance, rock
Fave Tempo Range: 70-160BPM
Best Vocal Range: D3-C5
Character Item: Roadroller and banana

Len Kagamine is the twin brother of Rin Kagamine, both the second installments in the Vocaloid2 character series. While Rin is usually agressive, driving the road roller that they both share, Len is a slightly more timid, but you can still see him driving that thing like a maniac...Rin just gets the chance to drive more often. Len is a good singer, in opinion. Whether it's as a "Shota" (little child), cool grown-up, or rock and roll type, he mangages to pull it all off. Rin and Len have the same voice actress.

The twins are both voiced by Asami Shimoda, who gives them a youthful, wonderful voice.

[Kagamine Len] Alice's and My Wonderland [Original Song][English Subs]

Age: 20 years
Height: 178 cm (unofficial)
Weight: 65 kg (unofficial)
Gender: Male
Release: Febuary 17, 2006
Character Item: Ice cream

Kaito was created to be a counterpart to Meiko. He is the first male Vocaloid ever released, and he is the elder brother of the Vocaloid "family". He is often subject to family abuse, especially from getting rolled over by the twins' roadroller.

Kaito seems to sing sad, slow, or love-related songs the best. Whenever there is at least some comedy-type PV or video, you can always see Kaito with his ice cream or ice su~. Miku and Kaito always take their character items seriously, lol.

He is voiced by Naoto Fuuga.

[KAITO] Old Radio [English Sub][Vocaloid]

Age: (Unknown)
Height: 165 cm (unofficial)
Weight: 48 kg (unofficial)
Release: November 5, 2004
Character Item: Sake (Beer)

She is the first Japanese Vocaloid, and is also the first Japanese female Vocaloid. Her voice is straightforward, steady, and suited for any musical genre. Her overall tone is fluid and gives her a large vocal range.

Meiko is the first of the Vocaloids. Since she is the oldest, her voice is undeveloped and thus she is not as popular as the other Vocaloids. Meiko has taken two forms, her normal, older version...and her 16 year old Miku-ish version. She is sadly underappriciated and deserves a larger fanbase.

Her voice is provided by Haigo Meiko.

[Moetron-Subs] MEIKO - "Change me" (English Subs)

Luka Megurine
Age: 20 years
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Fave Tempo Range: 65-145BPM
Best Vocal Range: D3-D5

Luka was the first in the series to be designed to sing in both English and Japanese, using two separate voice databases. She was the first bilingual virtual singer. In the past, songs with English were awkward to create, but Luka can sing both English and Japanese.
She's suppoused to have a husky, moody sort of voice so she can sing middle-high notes easily. Her voice is also a bit more mature than the previous girls, so she can sing really good with jazz songs and blue songs too.

Luka is the newest of the Vocaloids. Unlike most, she can sing both English and Japanese. Her name Meguirine means "The Sound That Travels" (All Around the World). Jazz, latino and electronica seem to be the preferred genres for her husky voice. She is also the first Vocaloid to not be a vegetarian, lol.

[Luka] Just Be Friends [English subs]

Gakupo Kamoi
Age: (Unknown)
Height: (Unknown)
Weight: (Unknown)
Character Item: Eggplant

Musician and actor Gackt lent his voice for the creation of a new Vocaloid, Gakupo. Even with his goofy image-type, Gakupo makes a good Vocaloid. The program comes with three Gackt songs and one demo song. Users of Gakupo seem to like to make him sound "sexy" since his voice seems to fit in that catagory.

VOCALOID [Gakupo] The Mad Hatter (English Sub)

Megpoid Gumi
Age: (Unknown)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Character Item: Carrots

Megpoid, like Gakupoid, is not part of the Character 2 series for crypton. Not much is known about her since she came out on June 25, 2009. Even so, she has already become quite popular. She may remind you of Miku. So it only makes sense to say that she is good at playing the same types of songs as Miku.

[GUMI]- English Sub w Romaji- Sweet Candy Parade

Age: (Unknown)
Height: (Unknown)
Weight: (Unknown)
Character Item: (Undefined) Lemon, Honey Wand, Railroad Sign

Lily (Ririi) is an official character of a singing synthesizer application software powered by Yamaha's Vocaloid2. Her basic databanks were joint-developed by Avex Management Co., Ltd, and Yamaha. Lily was published on August 25, 2010, and her design is by KEI. The data for the voice was created by sampling the voice of Yuri Masuda (Masuda Yuri), a Japanese vocalist of the Japanese musical group m.o.v.e. Lily has a husky voice and she can sing in a low or mid voice better than in a high voice. Also she can pronounce clearly, however, she is not good at pronouncing a consonant sound alone.

Lily - Lily Lily Burning Night - Romaji

Utau/Teto Kasane
Age: 31 (or 15 and a half)
Height: 159.5 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Character Item: French bread

Said to be more innocent than Miku; Teto is eager and cheerful, but may be naughty at times, maybe inspired by her mischievous roots from Doraemon. Depicted also as a Tsundere (a mannerism that feigns disinterest, to attract boys), but to a more gentler extent, unlike Akita Neru Akita. She hates people who think her pigtails are actually drills. She also can be narcissistic at times and loves getting attention. She gets very angry or sad if someone has bread and does not share with her. Teto enjoys teasing people just to show she cares about them since she doesn't want to show her love. She can get out of control if she does not eat bread for one day.

Obviously, she does not act and sound her age, for a 31-year old girl, thus her human age is more believed; the depiction as a 31-year old girl is often dismissed as antics from the users of vip@2ch, who created her. There are also persisting rumors of Teto's Chimera alter-ego, giving her dragon wings and a tail. She may or not be aware of her own Chimera form. As for her other skills, she can whip up tricks to extend DVD rentals, and her favorite country is Norway. If you devide her age into 2 you get 15/2 so she is really 15 and a half. Teto is a Boucalid, a fake Vocaloid.

Kasane Teto "Kasane territory-Zutto Teto no Turn" (Always Teto's Turn) English subtitles

Yowane Haku
Age: Secret!
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Character Item: Sake bottle

Haku came to represent an aspect of failure within the Vocaloids, illustrator Caffein portrayed her as a DTMer, a person who uses the Vocaloid program but has not mastered it and is thus stricken with grief and disappointment at their lack of talent. The fandom displays her personality mainly as a depressed introvert, and at times lonely. It should be noted that there is little to no portrayals of Haku as a mean drunk.

Other aspects of Haku is being a failed Miku or a crier due to her failures. It is not uncommon to see her drawn with tears in her eyes, whether she is happy or not.

[Yowane Haku] Daughter of White English Subbed [Vocaloid PV]

Tei Sukone
Age: 19
Height: 171.2 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Character Item: Cucumber and a butcher knife

Tei is introduced as a yandere, someone who appears to be loving, but can get very violent for whatever reason; In her case, she'll be violent because of someone being close to Len (her crush). She is always trying to defeat Miku in order to take over the leading Vocaloid/Utauloid status. She hates the Vocaloids with a passion, and has an odd fetish for traffic lights. She's not ashamed to strange things. As for her normal traits, she likes baking a cake. Her anger leads to the deployment the Public Security Operation (Police Operation) of JSDF to subdue her.

[Sukone Tei]Psychotic Love Song

Ruko Yokune
Age: 12 (or 19)
Height: 197 cm
Weight: Secret!
Gender: Hermaphrodite (10% female, 90% male. In character, Ruko does not mention her gender at all.)
Character Item: Coffee mill

Ruko is classified as a dere-dere, or a romantic person. She is also drowsy a lot of the time. Ruko also has a closet gambling habit. She likes being petted, and reacts like a cat. However, getting on her bad side earns you frequent invectives from her.

[UTAU Yokune Ruko] I fantasy

Ritsu Namine
Age: 6
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Gender: Male
Character Item: Chinese cabbage

Ritsu is often perceived as an okama (crossdresser), a bully whose favorite tactic is purple nurples. Ritsu's favorite food is chocolate crisps. Also Ritsu doesn't like Japan, but loves Korea.

[Namine Ritsu] Eternal Force Blizzard [VIPPALOID][English Sub] E.F.B

Miko Ooka
Human "first" form:
Miko in human form!
Wolf "second" form:
Miko in wolf form!
Age: 3.5 years
Height: 135 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Character Item: Apple (in the human "first" form) and bone (in the wolf "second" form)

She is a Japanese wolf (the real Japanese wolf is extinct). She turns into a wolf in the dark. Her wolf form is said "the second form." She calls herself Miko in the first form and I/me in the second form. She has the impulse to bite the one she loves.


Age: 19
Height: 205.74 cm
Weight: (Unknown)
Character Item: Bone (in dog form) Black tea (in human form)

A chronic tardy person. He minds being small and wears high platform boots. He has the ability to transform into a dog. He is described as being Ruko's companion. He likes sleeping just like Ruko, as the reason to his height.

[UTAU]Electric Angel - Rock Version[Rook]

Akita Neru
Age: 17
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Character Item: Cell phone

Akita Neru is described to be notably tsundere, mostly when she is with anyone that she secretly likes. She may seem mean, but she has her moments. She always wants to do things her way. She is very impatient. It may not seem like it, but she is actually interested in quite a few "girly" Things. She loves the color pink and sometimes wears it when she is just alone in her room. She is also considered a troll, a spammer, and/or a snob. She is very jealous of Miku's fame. She texts with her phone more than talking. Very lazy, she is considered a slacker. But if you get on her good side, she can be a very good friend. She really is caring and kind, she just has a very hard time showing it. She has a deep hate for Rin Kagamine and Otakus.

[VOCALOID] Akita Neru: Lullaby

Miku Hachune
Miku Hachune!
Height: ERROR!
Weight: ERROR!

Miku Hachune (Hachune Miku) is recognized as a famous official derivative of Hatsune Miku. Hachune is a mispronunciation of Hatsune, which shows her childishness and generally silly disposition. Often seen in videos as a blank-eyed doll-like figure with a gaping mouth.

[Vocaloid PV]Counting Hachune[Hatsune Miku append vivid]

Tako (Octopus) Luka
Tako Luka!
Height: ERROR!
Weight: ERROR!

Tako Luka is an officially recognized derivative, and the result of creativity of imagining Luka's hair in the form of an octopus, in the same manner as Miku Hachune. This octopus had a very important involvement in Vocaloid fandom, most notably in the Japanese community. Both Tako Luka and Miku Hachune are seen as mascots side by side with their source characters.The word "Tako" means "octopus", so in English, her name is changed to "Octopus Luka".

Hatsune Miku - Okiagare naiyoo (PV) - VOCALOID Tako Luka

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