Elgin Park Grade 8 - 12 Badminton

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1. Are there cuts?

Grade 8: No, everyone one who comes out makes the team. Stronger players will play in more league matches. Some players may not play any league matches.

Junior & Senior: Yes, but we will have open gym for other kids, so there will be opportunies to play.

2. How often if it?

About two/three times a week. More details will be available shortly

3. When does the season start and end

Starts: February

Ends: May

4. Is there a cost?

There is a $30 athletic fee and maybe a T-Shirt fee/clothing.

5. Do I need my own racket?

Yes, you should have your own racket.

6. How do I join?

Come see Mr. Worsley in 132 or click the link below

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